Lisnabreany Service Reservoir 2018-05-11T08:00:20+00:00

Project Description


The works were undertaken for Northern Ireland Water.

Due to the deteriorating state of the existing reservoir the existing concrete needed considerable upgrade work to ensure the integrity of the asset in the future for Northern Ireland Water


CivCo carried out internal inspections on the reservoir and put together a detailed proposal for the Client for its repair.  The solution required initially grit blasting the walls and removal of all old jointing material.  Following on from this all concrete surface were coated with a suitable WRAS Approved coating and all joints being rejointed.  Considerable works were carried out externally to the reservoir including new roof drainage and new pipework installs.


CivCo worked closely with the Client Northern Ireland Water to ensure the works were carried out in a phased approach with no interruption to supply.

Project Details