Shotts – construction of a new 6.5 meter deep reinforced concrete drop chamber 2017-04-29T10:27:23+00:00

Project Description


The works were undertaken by North Lanarkshire Council in Shotts approximately 10 miles outside Glasgow.

The council plan for the area was to develop a formal industrial brownfield site into a new public park area.

CivCo were involved in the construction of a new 6.5 meter deep reinforced concrete drop chamber on the scheme and associated diversions into an existing culvert to facilitate a new river feature on the site.

The area contained highly contaminated ground due to the sites industrial past and stringent control measures were in place to handle and dispose of this material.



CivCo designed and installed a temporary cofferdam to facilitate the construction of the new drop chamber and connection into the existing culvert.

The sheetpiling works undertaken by CivCo were carefully controlled with noise and vibration monitoring in place due to proximity to existing roadways, residential buildings and health centre.

All reinforced concrete works were undertaken by our in-house steel fixing and shuttering team.

Once the new drop chamber was complete work could commence on the new connection into the existing culvert.

Prior to any works being undertaken to the existing stone built culvert it had to be braced internally to reduce the possibility of any collapse during the connection installation.

Once the bracing was complete this allowed for the existing culvert to be connected to the old culvert.  At this point temporary pipework was also installed in the base of the existing culvert to deal with all existing flows.


On completion of the new drop chamber and connection to the existing culvert the new river feature was then diverted through the public park creating a stunning visual feature for all members of the public to enjoy.

Project Details